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Toddler Activity: Riding a Tricycle

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Toddler Activity: Riding a Tricycle

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Riding a Tricycle

What you will need:
Toddler’s tricycle
Chalk cardboard

This type of outdoor activity for toddlers needs chalk cardboard and toddler’s tricycle to get started with. This is an activity used in early parenting and it is used when a toddler throws an outburst for a tricycle. Although these three-wheeled toys may not be necessary, they will help to strengthen the leg muscles of your toddlers while they are having fun.

Get a bicycling and tricycle helmet of the toddler’s age. Design a mini drive-way with cardboard pieces and chalk markings. With all of these, the toddler is now set to ride from the start to the finish line. Create dead ends for the toddler to have a better reroute way.

This activity will help to develop decision making, problem-solving and cognitive skills.