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Toddler Activity: Have Fun with Water

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Toddler Activity: Have Fun with Water

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Have Fun with Water

What you will need:
Sprinkler or pool

With conducive weather, take your toddler outside the house to play with water. To get started, look for a sprinkler or a small child’s pool will be the best way to provide water to make your toddler be on the move.

However, this must be done under supervision with great mind of safety; provide enough safety materials and tips. Toddlers seem to enjoy this activity more than playing with a toy or ball. Also, try to include this outdoor activity in your toddler’s daily activities.

It will help improve their motor skills and swimming skills and try to play this with them when you have the time to monitor them.