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Toddler Activity: Playing Indoor Hopscotch

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Toddler Activity: Playing Indoor Hopscotch

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Playing Indoor Hopscotch

What you will need:
Masking tape
Beanbag or stone or coin (for markers)

This is a schoolyard favorite game that can be used as an outdoor game for toddlers, too.

You can set up a hopscotch game in your house on any floor surface. Form nine connecting squares with the use of masking tape. Place boxes 1-3 on top of each other in a straight line. Place the next two boxes, boxes 4 and 5 side-by-side and followed by a single box (box 6) and two more boxes (boxes 7 and 8) and the last box, (“home” base half-circle 9). Now, choose a marker like a beanbag, a stone or a coin. The first player throws the marker into the first box without letting it touch the lines or bounce.

The player will then hop with one foot on single players and two feet on the side-by-side squares when successfully throwing the marker into the box. While coming back, the player picks the marker up from the first box and takes another turn by throwing the marker into the second box; the success is when he lands within the lines jumps or hops with proper footing. The next player takes turn if the first player is unsuccessful and a player resumes where he missed. The winner is who completes the whole boxes first (reaching the marker home) following the normal process.