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Toddler Activity: The Listening Game

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Toddler Activity: The Listening Game

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: The Listening Game

What you will need:
Miscellaneous items in your house

This is one of the best go-to games for toddlers. This game is to delight and educate the little ones.

To start this game, choose several miscellaneous items to the front of the children, ask them to look at them very well. Next, take all the items away and ask one of the children to close his or her eyes while he or she listens to the sound an item make. Let the child guess which item it is from the sound. Some of the items you can gather include blocks rubbed together, shakers, sandpaper, glass (tap gently when chosen), a cymbal, a spoon, and a pot. Be creative when choosing and have fun with the children.