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Toddler Activity: Cotton Snowman

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Toddler Activity: Cotton Snowman

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Cotton Snowman

What you will need:
Colored paper
Chart paper
Cotton rolls or balls

Although it may be hard to build a snowman outdoors in winters when it is just too cold to go out, you can build your own cotton snowman indoor anytime with this activity for a toddler.

On the chart paper, outline a snowman and smear glue inside the lines of the snowman to cover the entire structure. Break the cotton balls into tiny pieces and put them on the glue to stick. Add more cotton to make the snowman fluffy. Draw out the outlines of the arms, nose, and eyes on the colored paper and cut this out. The toddler will then stick the arms, nose, and eyes to the cotton snowman and this mark the end of the activity.

This toddler activity will help improve general creativity and motor skills.