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Toddler Activity: Trace the Letters

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Toddler Activity: Trace the Letters

Always Be Safe! Watch closely your toddlers while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Trace the Letters

What you will need:

The perfect age for learning alphabets is during the toddlerhood, and the best way for the kids to get familiarized with the shape of letters is by tracing. This age is when kids have the best memory for things like this.

To get started, write down a large block letter (starting from A) as dots using the pen on a piece of paper. While giving the paper to your toddler, ask him or her to “join the dots.” When he or she is through, let them say which letter it is at the end. Trace the letter to them (to teach them) and call out the sound of the letter to them one or more times.

This type of activity will help improve their cognitive functions and their basic writing skills.