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Toddler Activity: Crawling Under Ribbons

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Toddler Activity: Crawling Under Ribbons

Always Be Safe! Watch closely your toddlers while doing this activity.

Toddler Activity: Crawling Under Ribbons

What you will need:
Cello tape
Colored ribbons

This is a highly exciting and engaging indoor activity for every toddler.

To get started, you need to choose a corridor in your house with two parallel walls very close to each other or a narrow corridor. Fill up the corridor/space with ribbon strings by sticking the end of each ribbon at various heights. Ask the toddler to crawl or pass through space without allowing his/her body to touch the ribbons. They will have to step over low ribbons or crawl underneath high ribbons.

This is a better motor activity for toddlers and it will help improve their walking skills, gross motor skills, and general agility/dexterity of the body.