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Toddler Activity: Straw Drawing

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Toddler Activity: Straw Drawing

Always Be Safe! Watch your toddlers closely while doing this activity.
Toddler Activity: Straw Drawing

What you will need:
Cello tape
Drinking straws of different colors

Toddlers love drawing because it is fun. Kids are very much excited when the drawing is made in three dimensional when they make use of colorful drinking straws to draw a figure.

Start by considering simple objects and shapes like a triangle or a square that will be easy for the toddler to draw. Start drawing by making use of two alternately colored straws which you stick together with a cello tape till you are through with the shape. You can stick many straws of different colors together to draw a shape of a house or a zig-zag line.

This activity will help improve general creativity, motor skills, and object-shape association.