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Raising Smart Kids: 10 Secrets

All the time, we hear parents talk about their children, they boast of their children’s achievements, they show off their kids skills. Even parents with children aging 6 months to one year, parents happily show other people how their kids can wave or clap their hands. Even a da da sound is very important for other people to know. This is what we parents are like. We want smart kids! We want them raised intelligently. As we start with parenting, the first questions we ask are like this: How can I raise my kid smartly? Who can help me in the process of raising smart kids? Will my child grow up smartly? What if my child is not smart enough?

Some people say having smart kids comes from genetics. If you are born with it, you will definitely have it. However, this is not so with many. Although a great factor of kid’s intelligence truly come from the ancestors. We cannot disregard the fact that there are many smart kids who have just acquired their smartness through the rigid follow-up of their parents. And in this article, I’m going to share with you some of the parent’s sharing on their tips to raising smart kids.


10 Secrets in Raising Smart Kids


1. Be Interactive

According to studies, the most effective way to raise smart kids is to interact with them. The first act that we have to do is to pay attention to their needs. Kids love it when they are given attention. A pat on the back, a hug and words of praise and encouragement are what it takes to get them to form strong connections with you.

Once you’ve developed into the habit of showing some interactions with the kids, you will find out how easy it is for you to teach them. We need to gain their trust so that they will cooperate with us. From there, we can start with the play process which can eventually lead to training smart kids.


2. Encourage the Habit of Reading

The best way to interact with your kids is when you read with them. Developing the act of reading cannot only enhance your child’s skill it can also deepen your relationship with them. The more you read together, the more interesting topics you can talk about, the more you can develop your communication with each other.

Even when your kids cannot read yet, develop the habit of reading bedtime stories for them. They will appreciate the moments you spend with them at the same time it gives a head start to comprehension.

Children who start reading early in life and has developed the love for reading are more likely to become smart kids. The first step to having smart kids is opening the reading horizons for them. It is the key to all other knowledge, that is why reading at a very young age is important for kids.

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3. Encourage Your Child to Broaden Their Imaginations

Let’s not limit our child to play toys. Allow them to role play with you. Act as a sick patient, or a person in need of medical help that way your child can envision himself as a physician. Act as a person who is hungry and needed a meal that you may create a desire in them to explore the world of chefs. All of these role-playing does not just develop bonding moments with your kids, you are not just building memories with them, you are allowing their brains to work, to imagine, to think logically and creatively. Doing so, you are leading the way in raising smart kids.


4. Studies May Bore Them but Play Never Will

Let learning be fun for kids. Every time you give them the space to play, you are also giving them a holistic growth. In playing, not only can their motor skills improve, they can improve socially and emotionally as well. Children are entitled to play. A parent’s tendency is to become overprotective of their little ones that they fear the exposure to other kids or other environments. Before they could realize it, they have already locked their kids in their own world, depriving them of the enjoyment a kid ought to experience.

If you want to raise smart kids, allow them to interact with other kids. Expose them to the real world. Introduce them to playmates that way they can grow up as well-rounded individuals. Children who have playmates are more conversant, more confident, more competitive, more active and are more open-minded compared to kids confined in the four corners of the house, whose only play is reading a book and watching documentaries on television.


5. Expose Your Kids to Outdoor Play

Once in a while let us allow our kids to play at the park. Physical exercise can make help you in raising smart kids. When we exercise, we improve blood circulation which runs to our brains. Once our blood circulation is good, we think well and make decisions well. We think smarter, we think better. And in science, it says that a child’s mental sharpness is dependent on how they have exercised well when young. So involve your kids in sports that way, you can get what you want of having smarter and healthier kids.


6. Listening to Music Boosts Memory

No wonder a lot of parents put their children to sleep with Mozart, Bach and other classical music in the background. Studies have shown that classical music is memory enhancers. It calms the brain and lessens stress. Listening to music helps concentration, attention, relaxation, and motivation. But do not exclude playing musical instruments from the scene.

Try introducing the world of music to them by allowing them to learn how to play musical instruments. It is said that when a child knows how to read and play musical instruments, they improve on reasoning and laying the foundations of abstract math. So in the process of raising smart kids, music is part of it.


7. Observe and Do

Children live by examples. The best way to train kids is to let them observe you. How you act and how you handle situations are best mimicked by kids. So if we want to train smart kids, it should start with us modeling them. Get into the habit of reading books, writing a diary, listening to music, doing something creative.

Allow them to imitate you. Remember, the first people your kids would learn to idolize is you. If they see you doing things that make them smarter, they will also follow in your footsteps.


8. Not All Computer Games are Bad

Let’s face it, we cannot outdo technology. The best way to train smart kids is by allowing them to engage in the world of computers. Although some online games may actually lead the children to become lazy, there are also a lot of educational games that could teach your children something that can boost their intelligence.

Check out for reading games online, phonics, music and some math games, these will not just allow your kids to enjoy playing, it will allow them to explore the world of computers, at the same make them learn more.  Make sure that you only do this in a very short period of time because it can damage their eyesight.


9. Give Your Kids the Proper Nutrition They Need

A well-balanced diet will take care of your child’s holistic development. When a child has the proper nutrition it needs, specifically rich in protein foods, their attention, alertness and motor skills develop better. The brain needs food to function well.

When the child starts to move, he may need to take vitamins and minerals to supplement the lack of nutrition in the body. So feed your child with all the nutrition he needs so he can survive the stresses of life. Giving better supplementation can reward you with smart kids.


10. Show Them the World

Traveling makes you smarter. Notice children who got the chance to travel and compare them to those who have not. The more knowledgeable the kids are about the world, the more they have explored the world, the smarter they become. If you want to raise smart kids, take them to travels. This way, they will not grow up just wondering what it is like to ride the boat or the plane or even the train.

Of course, we do not disregard the fact that studying history and learning about places through the books can help a lot in the learning process. However, nothing can beat real experiences. It makes them broaden their views about people and their surroundings.

There you have it, your 10 secrets to raising smart kids. These simple guidelines can help you not only with the intelligence aspect but also with developing a relationship with your kids. Raising smart kids is burdensome to parents. We understand for a fact that they not only need to take care of their kids, they have to work as well.

However, this is all part of the process of parenthood. If you have chosen to take this route in life, then you should also learn to love the stages of parenting. This is the only way you can bring up your kids the way you ever wanted.

Lastly, do not fail to remember that with great blessings comes great responsibilities. As we have accepted the task of being parents, we have the obligation to bring them up the best way we come to the best of our abilities.