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Learning To Read Is Not Difficult At All

Did you ever think that reading is difficult? Parents usually fear that kids would not acknowledge them as – parents the best teacher. Well, you do not worry because teaching reading is not difficult at all. You can teach your kids how to read well and make them enjoy it as well. All you need to do is to equip yourself the necessary skills you need to teach your kids learning to read.

Children who have learned how to read early on in life have the edge over other kids who have not. And this has garnered somewhat a competition between parents. They enroll their kids in the finest preschools so that their children can compete with other kids their age but little do they know that learning to read does not start in the premises of the school but rather at home. The foundation of the children’s reading skills comes from parents as the best teacher.

So if you are a parent and you worry about how to teach your kid the proper reading skills, fear not, you have that parenting ability that you do not know about. Read on and find out how you can make reading fun for your kid and make learning enjoyable for them.

Parents as the best teacher must be aware of the following:

It is important to start with Early Reading 

It is important to enhance the physical and mental skills of your child as early as toddler years. Some parents have the idea that the formative years of their children should just be solely on child’s play. However, while this is agreeable, inculcating learning to read also plays an important role in child development. To wholly develop a child is essential for a balanced growth and this growth starts at the formative years of the child.

Toddlers years are creative years

Parents as the best teacher should start to implement reading and writing to their kids at the start of 2. Since a child’s formative year is essential to the development of his skills, it is important to enhance learning to read during the time that they are most interested in it. Toddler years are the most creative and inquisitive years. Being able to teach them how to read at this time can level up their exploring minds. It can broaden their imaginations and widen their perspectives. They learn fast during this age and their abilities to catch on a new language is the easiest during this time. It is advisable that parents teach their children to read during this age. When children reach the age of 6-7 their enthusiasm to learn has already slowed down and has been distracted by friends.

Formative years are best development time for kids

How our kids grow up is a result of what we have developed in them during the early years of their lives. How they enact with the world is due to the skill we have enhanced in them during their formative years. This is the very reason why there is a need for the parents to train their kids how to read at an early age. When they have developed their love for reading early on in life,                 the skill of reading would equip them on how they can become more sociable and active in their lives ahead. How they talk, how they face people, how they deal with life’s problems, all these are from the learning they have had when younger.

A focus is best developed in early years 

The thinking and intellectual potentials of a child are absolutely formed during early years. It is the best time to foster their curiosity. By inspiring your children to focus on reading books early on, you are literally giving them the opportunity to create their reading habits. This is why most parents read bedtime stories to their kids because it is only in this way that kids may become interested and become focused readers someday. Developing learning to read enhances focus.     We, parents, as the best teacher should inspire our kids on this.

Literacy builds confidence 

We have to admit, we parents are in amazement when we see children who can already read and write by the age of 3. If we parents as the best teachers would have kids like that, we take pride in them. And we will boast around that we have intelligent kids. But do you know that as you allow your kid learning to read at an early age is not just beneficial to you but to them as well? The moment we take pride of our kids, the more they become confident. It gives them a        sense of certainty and braveness to face others because they know they have the skill to interact with them. If you would observe children who have basic education at home, they are actually the kids who have fewer detachment anxieties when they are away from you. This is because they know the basics and they think they are capable without our help.  It makes them independent and does not care being separated from you.

However, dear parents what we have discussed above are only known on the importance of learning to read at an early age. We want to become parents as the best teacher, that is why in this article we do not just focus on knowledge, we have to deal with applications as well.


Let’s read on some little tricks to develop your child’s reading skills:

Dont forget to read your kid’s bedtime stories

Despite the fact that your kids will sleep on you every time you read books to them, don’t worry just continue reading for them. You surely aren’t wasting effort and this will guarantee you of having parents as the best teacher award. Although babies sleep when they hear bedtime stories, our memories become active when we go to sleep so be rest assured that your reading is being absorbed by them. Also, it is best to input pronunciation and vocabulary when reading to them

Recite nursery rhymes

Rhymes. Nursery rhymes are the best start to learning to read. When your kids start to recite, sing and dance with rhymes they are actually developing talents and language skills. So we parents should boost their potentials by teaching them how to recite poems, nursery rhymes, and riddles. Not only will this be helpful to learn to read, it is also a confidence booster.

Word recognition and sounds

Word games are essential for parents as the great teachers. They need to play this kind of games to their little ones to make them become familiar with rhyming sounds and also with vocabularies. Their linguistic capabilities are being enhanced and developed once they get on the game. This is not just beneficial, it is also enjoyable for both the parent and the kid. Playing together not only develop skills but also relationships.

Point out the letters

A letter hunt game is the most elementary gimmick to start with learning to read. In your day-to-day studies with your child, point to some letters, letters from a newspaper on the table, maybe your coffee cup with wordings could be helpful. ABC books and alphabet flash cards can be great tools too. While doing your grocery and you see a trade name, point to a letter and ask your kid what letter it is and what it sounds like. Make this a custom. You will be surprised at how your kid would be able to As himself up to become a reading expert

Letter sounds

The moment your child becomes proficient on distinguishing letters, the next thing to do is to give your baby a letter and make him bring forth a word which sounds like that letter. It’s a good educational game to work up vocabulary and sound recognition.


Learning to read for your toddler would be easy if you get It engrossing for him. A way to ignite his reading interest is to let him feel he is part of the reading process. Show him that he has a name that he should recognize to learn to write and read it because it is his identity. He must know how important he is and how special his name is. Label some of his things, let him recognize it. Teach him to spell out the letters of his name and let him pinpoint his name through the labels you’ve made.

Book shopping time

Everyone loves shopping and kids love book shopping too. A child’s enthusiast in reading starts with the basic alphabet books shopping to go with the phonetic books. And then you’ve already achieved the title of parents as the best teacher, buy yourself a book to that way you could spend time having book time with your kid.

Parents as the best teacher can make their kids more conversant and confident as they grow up. Their basic foundations with you would definitely give a fertile ground in the future for them. It’s not difficult to teach children how to read it’s just that we, as parents should invest our time and money for books from day 1. It may be an expensive investment now but it will produce greater opportunity of growth for your child.