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Early Learning: 12 Awesome Advantages


What is Early Learning?

Early Learning is the ability to mold and sharpen a child’s skill in education. It is for the benefit of the child to build a good foundation that would bring him to a successful life’s journey. Toddler years are the years wherein a child’s brain is like a sponge. Learning takes place and absorbed faster during this phase. They take in new experiences, learn every action, adapt to new words and behaviors that they see other people doing. It is during this phase of their lives that they build their personalities. So it follows that what we input in them when they are young would be the kind of person they will be when they grow up. Early learning has an impact on the future lives of the children. It is very important that we pay attention and nurture learning during childhood because it will be the basis for molding and sharpen a child’s growth.

12 Awesome Advantages of Early Learning

1. Kids Learn to Interact

Having playmates is very important. As kids try to interact with each other they develop a friendship, they get exposed to an environment that boosts social independence. The earlier we allow our kids exposed to this kind of environment, such as early learning, the healthier it becomes for them. It will help them become more confident, overcome their shyness, and become friendly, approachable and independent people. They could develop trust and respect of other people and become more flexible. Interaction at preschool is not just about greetings, it is about building a relationship with classmates who will become part of their lives growing up.

2. Kids Learn to Cooperate

As children start to interact in school, they learn about cooperation, sharing, and perseverance. These are very important characters for children, especially those who do not have any siblings at home. Learning how to cooperate is not learned overnight. A child needs to learn to understand it and see other people doing it so that they can follow.  Being the only child would not be able to learn these characteristics inside the home as he has no venue to share it with somebody. That is why it is very important to expose the child to early learning that way he grows as a caring and lovable person. The tendency of children who are alone at home most of the time is to become spoiled brats, selfish and self-centered people if not nurtured well.  It is very important to teach kids early reading as part of teaching kids early learning. Reading to your kids a story with values like cooperation and sharing will give them an idea on how to apply this in their own life.

3. Kids Learn to Become Enthusiasts

At school, a child can develop and learn with excitement because he learns something new with friends. They become enthusiastic to know something more.  Each student can encourage and motivate one another to study harder. Although there would be feelings of competition for them, this is a healthy boost for the development of early learning. When children feel competition, it propels them to study harder and so it will create a better and brighter future for them. Kids who start studying early on in life also get more knowledge than those who start late. But encourage only healthy competition and not to be boastful.

4. Kids Learn to About Encouragement

While parents at home can totally help in the child’s learning, the encouragement that he could get when he goes to school can assist his studies some more. Early learning can boost your kids’ attitude as they build their confidence. They say that we, parents, are the best teacher for our kids.  We are also the number one who give encouragement to our kids whenever they are learning something new. It’s vital that we should always show our kids encouragement when teaching them.  In that way, our kids are learning encouragement implicitly.

5. Kids Can Build Strong Foundation

In order for the child to attain a balanced social, physical, emotional and mental development in life, we need teachers to help parents identify our child’s strengths and weakness so that we can work on the weaker ones and strengthen the stronger ones more. While we support the child’s needs in early learning, we develop them holistically which would be the gateway for what they would become in the future. By allowing them to actively participate in school activities early on in life will ensure a better and wholly new, stronger foundation for them.

6. Kids Can Expound on Experiences

Early learning can actually experience the knowledge acquired through learning. It makes a child become more experienced. As the parents introduce their children to early schooling, they are allowing their child to see a broader perspective and apply more value to education. The experiments and real actions that they can actually process in school can make a child more equipped in the future. It makes them brighter and smarter through applied knowledge. When a child is rich in experiences we mold them to have better opportunities as they grow older.

7. Kids Learn the Importance of Teamwork

When we provide our children the right environment early on in life we teach them about cooperation, unity, and trust. If these are the values we teach our kids in toddler years, it can help develop the value of teamwork in them. While they learn about independence, they also learn that they cannot just live alone. There are certain points in their lives that they would need friends and family with them thus developing the sense of loyalty and teamwork. As the school activities geared towards group activities, It inculcates the values of being a team-mate that who is able to listen, cooperate and share equally.  Early learning can enhance great team players when they become mature.

8. Kids Learn Respect

Although we believe that at home respect is already taught, we learn respect in a deeper sense at school. When kids go to school, they see that it is not only important to respect their parents, other people aside from parents also needs respect. Even their classmate and themselves too. There is no greater place to learn about honor than the school premises. In school, it is not only to develop self-respect and respect for others that we teach, it is also about manners, civilization and acceptance of each other and valuing each others’ opinion. Early learning helps children develop a well-rounded personality.

9. Kids Learn to Focus and Concentrate

While the children at preschool are encouraged to have fun and discover new things, they are also expected to learn about how to focus on tasks that could make them a holistic individual. A balance of both is necessary. Having new friends and engaging in new experiences are good for every student but it is also important the skill of concentration to do finish tasks and obligations that life may send forth. Early learning is all about a balanced life.

10. Kids Develop Flexibility

Being flexible in every aspect of life is what we need our children to become. They have to learn about resilience so that they can secure a good future. In early learning, children are taught to become braver to face obstacles and learn how to overcome obstacles as well. It is very helpful for the little ones because they are able to manage their emotions well.

11. Kids Learn Patience

“Patience is a virtue.”  Patience is very important in life.  Early learning teaches students the value of patience. In school, they learn how to wait in line, how to wait for their turn to play with a toy or wait for a turn on a swing in the playground.  By allowing children to experience these situations, we are teaching them the value of patience. This is very beneficial for their future.

12. Kids Develop Confidence

Children who go to school early are sure to develop more confidence than those who are not. When a child’s self-confidence is boosted, it could encourage them to show their skills and interests without shyness. This character is something that they adapt and something that could benefit them when they grow older. Early learning helps develop a healthy, positive and secure atmosphere.


Aside from all the benefits mentioned above, most importantly, in early learning, a child will learn to communicate better and express themselves better. How they communicate will become the basis of how successful their future will be. Once they become effective communicators, it will be easier for them to move in the world of opportunities. How social they become and how easily they cope with the demands of a job, all these are part of a child’s early learning.

Early learning is not just taught to kids at school.  It is crucial that kids learn the basics of early learning like early reading at home. Here are the 7 Simple Guidelines for Parents in Teaching Their Kids.  Please read How to Teach Your Child to Read to learn more. It is something that a child shouldn’t miss because it is one of the necessary things needed to become well-rounded individuals. The benefits of early learning can boost the skills and the educational background of a child. It is where they get their fundamentals and values.

Early learning influences the brain development of a child as he or she advances. How he interacts with people, how he socialize, how mature he becomes and how developed his motor skills are – all these are because of early learning.

Don’t freak out!  I know that early learning is not just learned at school.  Homeschooling is also one of the best methods to give your kids the right tools for early learning if you have the time to do this.