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Our child’s development is very important to us parents. We want them to grow up in such a way that is balanced in every aspect of life. We want brilliant and smart kids. That is why early on in life we make it a point that they get the necessary training and education they need to face the world. One of the most important lessons they should have while young is reading. At the age of 1-6 years old, these kids are obsessed with early reading. We must make it a point that during this time of enthusiasm, we can enhance and boost their learning potentials that way, we could develop them if we want to see in them and they too can thank us in the future for molding them while still young.

Why are children obsessed with early reading?


Toddler years is the time when children are most curious and inquisitive. They ask a lot of questions and they are very much into learning something new. At this phase of their lives, they can grasp and comprehend the fastest than any other time. Their memory is so fresh that they can keep and absorb everything quickly. That is why it is really recommended that baby reading starts during the age of zero. We just are certain that the things we allow them to read are the ones that do not mislead them and that it could help boost their vocabularies.


Children love appreciation. The moment they feel they show off something and we commend them for it, it makes them feel good. They love to do more of it and become better at it. That is why they love reading. When they start early reading, they gather a lot of information that they need for them to talk to with adults. It makes them feel like grown-ups especially when adults praise them for their knowledge of certain things. It makes them encouraged to know more of things due to the fact that they wanted appreciation and praise.


Baby reading can start to build a parental relationship. The moment the two of you get a hold of a book it starts to build a bond that could connect you together. That is why early reading is very important for the babies and toddlers. In your everyday busy life, this is the only time that both mom and son or dad and daughter can have the – “we space”. A space that cannot be disturbed by work. It’s a time that only you and your child can share without any disturbances. That is why this time becomes special for your kids.  They enjoy that moment that they can spend with you and they are happy that special time belongs to only them. So they always look forward to it and it becomes their favorite time.


Children feel confident when they know how to read. Early reading can help boost your child’s confidence. Those who can already read and write before going to preschool have chances of higher aptitude than those who do not know how to read yet. Those kids then feel braver to face pre-school life and they become the star of their class.  Those who cannot put words and sentences together in preschool usually feel shy and do not really take part well in class. So, it is no wonder then why those who started with baby reading are better students than those who just started to learn. It means that those kids with early reading would surely become a teacher’s apple of the eye.

Sound Mimicking

One of the reasons why kids love early reading is the thought that they can mimic sounds. They love following words you read, they love words that rhyme, they are into following every sound you say. So they love it when you read to them because they want to follow your voice.  You may think they are just jabbering, however, while they do so, they are actually learning. Learning how the sounds begin, identifying those sounds with letters. This is a very good way for them to get into the deeper course of reading. So while they enjoy mimicking you, enjoy it too. It’s beneficial for you and your kids to start at baby reading.

Bedtime Fun Time

Bedtime stories relieve kids from their anxieties. This nightly ritual of reading books to kids makes them feel secured and they sleep peacefully at night after a book read. This is also one of the reasons why we should start with early reading.  Kids feel excited when you read to them and it makes them more excited to dream about the story you have read together.  To soothe the fears away before the lights are off, a good book to read would help your child have a good night sleep.

Fantasy Time

Early reading allows kids to become creative at play.  Children love to play and enact what they have read the books.   It excites them, makes them feel elated and they feel free when they play like superheroes from the books they read. It’s great for this young kid to admire someone they have read in books and try to imitate them. It makes them braver when they enact their superhero character, it makes them feel pretty when they act like the princess, it develops the character of kindness when they become the fairy godmothers in the books they read. Being able to start at baby reading allows these kids to explore who they want to be when they grow up.


Kids enhance their imaginations thru baby reading. They learn how to visualize things. And they love it. Usually, they would express their imagination strengths through the stories they would tell their friends, and they start to draw their dreams and plans. As their imaginations would develop, we wouldn’t be surprised when they get older, the things they have visualized when they were younger would become a reality. Notice children who draw mansions at preschool. They grow up to have successful careers. There’s a saying which goes “what we attract we become.” So encouraging kids to start at early reading. It is essential to their future success.


Another reason kids are obsessed about early reading is that it enhances their ability to tell stories. They become excited to talk to their friends about the stories they have read. Good storytellers become good speakers. So when kids develop this skill they are most likely to become conversant. This is going to be an A+ for them. Kids who usually knows how to makes stories become flourishing entrepreneurs and business-oriented kids

Logical Thinkers

Kids who start at baby reading start to develop their abilities to think logically. Due to their interest, at a young age, they would be able to grasp concepts which are abstract, they can use logic when in a situation. They can easily know what is the right thing to do and what is not. They are able to think logically. They apply what they read to their lives. That is why we need to be very careful in our kids’ choices of books. Because what they read is what they imprint on their minds. As early as toddler years, they are able to find what story books they can read.


Early to read kids are very much enthusiastic to discover new things and ideas and be more knowledgeable. The simple how-to-do-it-yourself type of books for kids teaches them the ropes on how to do things easily. They can imagine that they are going places that they have never been too, they can get into the adventure. It’s fun to explore the world of dinosaurs and bears and live on another planet. Books can take them anywhere and make them experience anything. That is why when kids engage in baby reading, they have a broader perspective and have wild ideas.

Stress Reliever

You might think that kids do not get stressed. They do too. And when they cannot channel themselves during these times, the tendency is to take care of whining babies that we couldn’t understand. Children could not express themselves well yet. Even adults cannot name them sometimes. So we cannot expect our children to relieve their stresses without the parent’s aid. This brings a hard work to parents too. When children have books with them during times of discomforts they can take a hold of a book and engrossed themselves into reading for all you know stress is gone. This is a very important reason why we need early baby reading.

Children are not born to enjoy reading. What they know about and what skills they are to acquire from reading books would start from us parents. We need to develop our kids into independent readers. We know for a fact that baby reading is very beneficial for our kids. And we know that it will lead them to successful kids someday if we start nurturing them from baby reading. However, do we parents take the time to these things?  Kids may become obsessed with early reading but it will only develop with our efforts too.