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About Kids Essence

KidsEssence.com was established with the goal of providing free reading lessons to kids. From the whole language (My Baby Can Read), sight words to phonics reading lessons, these lessons are aimed to guide parents in teaching their kids to read at an early age. You can also find original short stories for your early readers. All the reading lessons have videos and audio files where your kids can click to hear the pronunciation.


About Me

Hello :), I’m Jen Bacay.

I am the owner of KidsEssence.com.

I started this website in June 2017.  This is to share my knowledge of early reading.  Just like you, I am also a parent.   The resources I made here are based on my experience teaching my son, Jeremy, when he was still one year old.  He’s now 12 years old. He developed the love for reading.  I believed that he benefited from being exposed to early reading.  He started reading when he was 2.  He already knew the alphabet and the sounds of the letters at age 22 months.  I just exposed him to lots of words and did lots of reading when we had an opportunity.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me.