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8 Benefits of Regular Reading

What would life be like without regular reading? People have different perspectives about regular reading. Some like it, some do not. Some just read when needed while others seek happiness in reading. We parents think that reading is really beneficial for our kids. That is why at the start of 2 years old, we already build the fundamentals of reading and develop in them the habit of regular reading. Early on, we read bedtime stories for them, teach them nursery rhymes, and make them recognize alphabet sounds. We do all these because we want to train them as early as possible the habit of good reading. So what do we actually get by reading?

All over the world, we see people reading. Just by looking at our surroundings, we know that reading is a part of people’s lives. It is something that one cannot do without. Everywhere we go, we need to read. We need to read signs on the road, instructions on what to do, even captions of what to take and what kind of food we need to buy at groceries. Reading is a part of life and developing the skill of reading in our kids is a necessity. They need to become master readers so that they can compete with the advancements of the world. That is why while they are young, we need to instill in them the habit of regular reading.


8 Benefits of Regular Reading:

1. Regular Reading Helps Acquire Knowledge

When we read regularly, new learning takes place. Newly formed words make us more intelligent and knowledgeable people. When we love to read books, it broadens our thinking and we could butt in whatever topic a conversation may bring. The more we indulge ourselves in reading books, the more we know about something. This is something worth spending time for. It opens wide ranges of vocabulary that children can learn as compared to hearing words from a conversation and from watching them on television.

The earlier our kids get exposed to reading, the higher the chances of them getting high grades in school. To read regularly increases intelligence. All the more, it will mean acquiring higher intelligence if started young.

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2. Regular Reading Can Help Boost the Brain Power and Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

When we read regularly to our kids and develop it into a habit, we enhance our kids’ brain capacity.  Reading regularly increases memory. When we expose our kids in early reading we are also developing a good memory. This will be very helpful to them during their educational years where memorization becomes very important.

Frequent readers do not need to go through the hassle of memorizing vocabulary at school as it will come naturally with regular reading. When we do not use our brain well, our memory deteriorates. Reading gives our brain a workout. It exercises and sharpens our brain. As we age, our memory also fluctuates Reading regularly can slow the process of declining memory caused by aging.

Another aspect that we could look into is that engaging oneself in reading regularly can help fight Alzheimer’s. Those who engage themselves in brain activities always are most likely to develop good brain development and lesser chances of acquiring illnesses.


3. Regular Reading Can Make You Sensitive

Reading can open your mind to new things and new perspectives. It makes it easier for a person to understand life circumstances and how they can relate themselves with other people. The power of reading regularly can help others to understand different human characteristics and emotions.

Moreover, it gives them the power to adapt and adjust to life circumstances. Fiction books can help you get lost in good reading while creating different emotions within you that leads you to the comprehension why life is the way it is. If we enhance early reading with kids, they become open-minded individuals who are open to learn and accept new things.


4. Regular Reading Helps You Relax

For all ages, reading is one form of relaxation. A restless kid can feel relaxed after being read of bedtime stories. It may even put them to sleep. It can also pacify them when they throw a tantrum. Reading calms the mind and makes the person less stressed as they go deeper into their reading.

For those who are already into the act of regular reading, they know that once life put them into stressful situations, an immediate relief is to drown themselves into a good book. It’s the quickest and the most effective way to overcome stress.

Engrossing oneself in a book may give comfort and relaxation in a matter of minutes. Once they have settled themselves into the world of reading and imagination, anxieties are forgotten and overcome.

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5. Regular Reading Can Put You to Sleep

Having insomnia? What’s more effective than grabbing a book to read? Reading regularly will not only entertain you, it can help you go to sleep. You may create a ritual out of it. Kids do. Their bedtime stories are their rituals.

Notice kids who have been exposed to bedtime stories while young. They wouldn’t go to sleep without having to read a good book first. Drowsing off with a good book is better than drowsing off with the aid of a television. It is better for the brain, for the eyes and better technique to fall asleep.


6. Regular Reading Improves Our Thinking Process

Reading enhances imagination. It makes readers get engrossed in the events and scenes they read about.  It makes their brains actively involved in what they read. Regular reading takes us into places we have never been to.  It makes us taste the food we have never actually tried. Or it may make us feel emotions we’ve never felt before.

As we get ourselves involved in reading, we gather the information we have never known before and makes us broaden our thinking. This is beneficial especially to the young readers. While reading books, they can improve their life’s goals and set on ambitions that are greater than what they can actually imagine.

For example, when they read about fairy tales, they would dream of becoming princesses who live in a castle and get everything that they want. This imagination could benefit them in life by setting goals for themselves, to study harder, get good grades, land a good job or create a business that could bring them places and build themselves a mansion where they can live like princesses. It makes them more ambitious and more goal-oriented people.


7. Regular Reading is Contagious and Addicting

If you are in the act of regular reading, people who surround you can also be easily influenced by you. They may get to see how knowledgeable you are about facts and things.  They would want that for themselves too. They would want to have the same abilities as you. That is why they would try to follow in your footsteps.

Grab this opportunity for your little ones to get into the process of reading. Once they see you reading regularly, they are also sure to follow you. For all you know, you have already developed good reading habits in them.

Although for some reading is not really a cup of tea, once it develops into a habit, it becomes addicting. This is what we want our kids to be, that they become book lovers more than any other forms of addiction. Not only will it boost their knowledge and intelligence, it is very much healthier for their brain. So let’s spark that habit of reading in them.


8. Regular Reading is Healthier and Cheaper, too

Of course. we do not disregard the fact that there are different forms of hobbies and we would want our children to become holistic individuals exposed to different skills. However, we believe that more than any other hobby, if we had already inculcated in them the act of reading regularly, reading becomes a way of life more than just a hobby.

So, it follows that they can indulge in any other activities that could enhance their skills further other than reading.  It is also something that is healthier than watching television. Also, it is not as expensive as other activities. It could even be free. Economically, if you are looking for a hobby, reading is by far the cheapest.

 So it comes without argument, reading is necessary to keep the brain in shape and active. Brain exercises are important to have healthier memories and this is what we want not only for our kids but for us as well. So as much as possible, we have to get lost in a book. Divert our attention to the unrealistic world of fiction to relieve us from the stresses of life,

There are several ways for us to read, we can follow traditional books, through ebooks, magazines, electronic gadgets. We can even do it through our phone. No matter what method we do, we learn something through reading. However, it is very much suggested for kids to go the conventional way. They must start to read regularly by flipping through book pages. They need to feel the book work so that they can increase the brain works.

They can also learn to read online. For babies and toddlers, you can try this free online “My Baby Can Read” (whole language reading lessons) to help build their vocabulary.