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7 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids


Some parents are having a hard time involving their kids to read. It is a struggle for them to let their kids get a hold of a book. They always wonder how some kids enjoy reading and what are some ways to make reading fun for them. If you are in this kind of dilemma as well, then this topic might help you to know how to get your child interested in reading.

Many parents seek the help of academies just to get the answers to this quest. But guess what? It’s not as bad as you think it is. It’s not too late to start to make reading fun for kids. Once they get into the habit of reading, you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.

But before we get to make reading fun for kids, we have to gather information first about why our kids do not want to read. Let’s go backtrack a little and have a little background check. Where have we gone wrong in not making reading likable for your kid?

Most often, there is a reason behind the dislike for reading. Everyone is not born a reader, it is something that is learned to love, if something goes wrong along the way, like some negative activities related to reading, it could develop them into book haters. So we need to address the reading problem first before we could ever make them change their minds that reading is fun after all.


6 Reasons Why the Lack of Interest in Reading Despite our Efforts to Make Reading Fun for Kids:


1. Forceful Reading

Reading was given to them as an obligation. Kids are kids. They love to play. And if you let them choose between study and play, of course, they would always opt to play. Probably, without our knowledge, we might have pushed too much into the act of reading that we forgot to make reading fun for kids.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand a parent’s stand on this. We want what is best for our children always. And if it is reading they need to excel in life, we are going to give it to them. If they do not pay heed, then probably we would go into the push. Subconsciously, we might have done this. However, both ways may happen as we instill on this.

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2. Bored 

Maybe you would hear this often from your kid. It is too boring to read! In my opinion, there is no a boring book. Probably, your kid is just not ready for the kind of book you’re letting him read yet. The book choices that we should choose to make reading fun for our kids should be the kind of book that is suitable for his age and his interest.

We might have pushed our kid to read history books which for that time being, he is not ready with, he might be more interested in fantasy rather than history. Paying attention to your kid’s interest is important for you to know which reading material is best for him at that certain time.


3. Too Tricky 

Some books are too high for your kids’ comprehension at the moment. If you let them read this kind of book which his brain is not yet ready to absorb, then you might be forcing him into something that would disinterest him and make him not want to read.

The choice of book to read should that of which encourages to enhance vocabulary while making reading fun for kids.


4. Vision Problems

Has your child’s vision checked?  He might have a blurry vision that is why he doesn’t want to read. Some kids are found out poor at reading because of their weak eyesight that it affects their reading. Most of the time parents fail to see this.

We are so confident that our kids have healthy eyes only to discover otherwise. It wouldn’t hurt to get your child to see an eye doctor and might be even helpful for you and your kid. Who knows eyeglasses may solve the problem of reading disinterest and make reading fun for kids.


5. Can’t Sit Still

Some kids have a very little attention span and can’t focus for a long duration of time. You might need to check on how long a time your child is willing to read a book. Allow him to take hold of a book even just for a short period. Don’t pressure too much.

Making reading fun for kids requires a lot of patience, understanding, and effort. We as parents should also go through this process. It is the only way we can make reading fun for kids.


6. No Models to See

Kids follow what we do. They look up to us as their role models. If our kids do not see the interest to read in us, most likely they won’t like to read as well. What monkey sees, monkey does. Yes, I know, our kids are not monkeys though. 🙂

So we must take charge and practice what we teach. If we want our kids to become book lovers, we must show them that we are book lovers ourselves that way, we can inculcate the value of reading In them and develop the love for reading.

We must be good examples to our kids all the time. So if we want them to hit the books, let’s do it too and make reading fun for kids.

Now that we have seen the concerns, we definitely have to act on it and address the problems. With those problems solved, we are surely ready to move on to the next step, that is – to make reading fun for kids.


Here are 7 Ways to Make Reading Fun for Kids: 


1. Small Rewards

Kids love rewards. One way for us parents to make reading fun for kids? Offer rewards. Your kid had a good choice of book to read, give a candy.  But not too many sweets.

If he finishes a chapter a day, give long hours of playtime. Bargain with them. Once they take the bite of your bargain, you will surely have a kid who would become book lovers Bigger accomplishments bigger rewards. A very good trick, give a treat!


2. Make Books Visible to them

For a kid fascinated with spaceships and rockets, seeing a book with pictures of those would sparkle his interest. Surround the four walls of your house with reading materials that make reading fun for kids. Gather their interests and use the picture books as bait.

Put a good book on the dining table, in his room of play, wherever he stays most of the time, have a book that he could pick up easily. Rather than the tempting to watch television, tempt them to read by making books visible. More visible than your television set.

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3. Be a Leader

A leader sets the way, puts some guidelines for his followers to follow. A leader must know his subject by heart. He must know what the subordinate wants, how his character is and what his likes and dislikes are.

Similarly, as parents, to make reading fun for kids, they too must act as a leader to their kids. It would make it easier for them to follow you. Be a role model to them. Show them that you love reading books, too. Set a time that both of you could read a good book together and talk about it. Once they see their most trusted person reading, they would follow.


4. No Pressures

A parent’s tendency is to give kids the push to read. They become Impatient waiting for reading results. However, in order to get flourishing results in reading pressure is not the answer.

So lighten up the mood for your child and make reading fun for kids by giving them space to breathe as they explore the world of reading. Let them absorb and grasp the many ideas the world of books can offer.


5. Read Out Loud

It’s fun to read aloud. And it is easier to comprehend something that we read aloud. Once in a while, get into the activity of time to read out loud. When you do this you don’t just allow fun, it is also a good venue to see whether your child is pronouncing words clearly and reading correctly.

As you go through this activity, never fail to appreciate your child when he has read some difficult words with minimal effort. Moreover, a pat on the shoulder of a caress on the cheek for every good vocabulary learned. This will make reading fun for kids feel more enjoyable.

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6. Gift Giving

Having trouble searching for a birthday gift for your kid? Let them have reading materials. Give it during birthdays, graduations or moving up.

Of course, when choosing a book to read, connect it to the child’s interest. A book that would give spice to the purpose of giving. That the receiver may enjoy reading and create a venue for developing the love of reading. Make reading fun for kids through gift giving.


7. Right Pacing

When training kids to read, we parents must bear in mind that we need to see to it that we give them reading materials, at the right time. Don’t force them to read when they have a stomach ache or when they are whining to do something else.

Offer reading time at a time that your kids are in the right mood for it. Also, make sure the level of the book you let your child read is appropriate to the level that he is in at the moment. Don’t force him to read books that are of the intermediate level when they are just beginners. This will not make reading fun for kids.