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7 Tips To Avoid Failure in Early Reading

Parents out there! Have you ever had frightful thoughts like these?

Is my baby a delayed reader?

Would I be a good reading teacher to my kid?

How could I impart proper reading skills on my kid?

What if my kid cannot read?

What if I fail to teach early reading?

It’s okay! It’s is normal. All of us, parents, would want to have the best education for our children and let’s face it, every parent would be in a dilemma on how to be effective teachers to their kids since not all of us are born teachers. And not all of us are experienced parents. But don’t you worry! Teaching a baby to read is not as difficult as it seems and most parents had been successful in doing so just like I was. All we need is to follow some of their guidance to make sure us the best way of nurturing our kids’ education and our mastery of early reading. Lucky for us, in this generation, we have the technology to thank for all the easy access. We can easily acquire studies about baby reading. No more need for the moms to go to academy just to learn the basics of learning early reading. Gathered around some mommy talks, we have come up with some tips to make your parenting and teaching reading successfully.

But, wait a minute! before we start with that, we parents should have the understanding that not all kids are born alike. And not all have the same intelligence. There are kids who are really born with the brains and there are some who acquire it through constant nurturing. We have to see our children’s strengths and weaknesses, address them first and understand them fully before we could ever become effective teachers for them. More than anything, the love of a parent, their presence and hands-on parenting will be the most effective tool you have to make your kids successful in every attempt they are about to face.

7 Tips to Avoid Failure in Early Reading

1. Make sure that you start early on with baby reading.

Make the habit of reading bedtime stories to your kids. As early as six months old you can already start with your baby reading. Start with the simple baby books and nursery rhymes. Actually, according to psychologists, the child’s formation begins when they are in their mother’s womb. So if you notice, mothers who say they got interested in reading books while pregnant have babies who are interested in books as well. What the mother’s advice while having the baby in the womb is what the babies absorb. So to say, when the baby arrives, the moms just have to continue what they have done while they were pregnant. At the start of the early stages, allow your child to listen to nursery rhymes, and teach them how to do so, stressing out on important words and allowing them to mimic you. Then at the age of 6 months start introducing bedtime stories to them. This is one of the most effective tips for early reading.

Here are some good effects you will get when you start early with baby reading:

  • Better language comprehension

When you start reading early to your kids, it makes them comprehend things easily. So at a young age, they could adapt well to the environment and can communicate their emotions well compared to those who did not the early reading chance.

  • Builds confidence

Children who start advance with the baby reading show to move with confidence. They believe that they know something thus they can walk and talk confidently around peers. This makes them boost their egos and it builds better personality. A child who can read books at an early age is known to have lesser separation anxieties. This removes the burdens on mothers as they send off their toddlers to preschool.

  • Develops creativity

When kids get engrossed in early reading, they become creative thinkers. Their imagination goes wild with the books they read. Books can take you anywhere. It can bring you to visit the Pharaohs of Egypt, It can take you to the land of America, or the North Pole, anywhere. It enhances the child’s imagination.  It gives him more ideas and knowledge. When the creativity develops from within, it makes a child skillful. Creativity becomes more important as the kid continues to move on in life.

2. Make sure you make reading fun.

Some kids get traumatized at reading because their parents push them to read and not encourage them. Children love to do something that they feel they are not being forced to do. That is why not propelling them to read something, at early reading, develop for them the love to read. This is the fastest way to motivate them and make sure fun reading for them. The moment they find that reading is interesting, you wouldn’t even have to encourage them to get on the books, they would do it themselves. So the key is to make reading a fun activity for the children.

Here are some good fun reading activities to excite early reading

  • Get on a reading game.

Kids love games, naming games, rhyming word games, alphabet sound games, these would develop the interest of your kid to read a book. When they feel that they are having fun with you, you wouldn’t have the difficulty to encourage them to get a hold of a book to read.

  • Give little rewards on good story telling

After letting them read a good book, allow them to tell you the story with the promise of a nice book shopping treat after telling the story. This will not only develop them to become reading enthusiasts but also make them good storytellers as well. For baby reading, you can give some treats after a nice good book read.

  • Hair stroking and cuddling while reading

Kids love affection. They love it when you cuddle, hug and kiss them. This is a very good way to allow them to enjoy reading. While reading, sit comfortably with them and give them a nice brush of the hair as you go with the pages of the book. This will sure ask for more of the reading time. Not only will this develop your child’s reading skills, it would develop special bonds between you.

3. Take your child’s interest into consideration

When choosing a book to read for early reading, it is very important that we choose a book that would interest our child. Do not rely on your own interests. Discover what your kids want. Which cartoon character are they interested in? Do they like fairy tales or do they want to discover the world of dinosaurs? Are they more interested in academic books? Science? History? Whatever sparks their interest, that is where we should head for. Maybe we could suggest good books for them, but allow them to choose, allow them to explore. This way, early reading becomes fun and exciting for them and not become an ordinary need they have to do every day.

Here are some nice book suggestions for your little ones

  • Disney story books. For early reading, fairy tale books are very useful and interesting. Children love to fantasize and the best way to enhance it is to give them a good story book about prince and princess.
  • Adventure books like Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland. These books could awaken children’s imaginations and bring them to dreamland where they can further explore their creative minds. It will make them feel alive and boost their interest some more to continue on baby reading.
  • History books could be a little boring for the little ones with early reading but if you are creative enough to describe the wonderful places they can go to and explore the cultures of each country you read, it might not just interest your kid but also develop his love for travel and love for books.

4. Make reading a habit.

Starting early reading doesn’t necessarily mean jumping immediately into the world of books. It is developing the interest in of reading in them. What I mean to say is, develop a habit that your child reads something even just a word every day. Take such as reading labels in a milk carton, or reading signs on the road, or maybe asking your kid to help you read newspaper headlines and asking them how they understand the word they are reading. If you develop of letting your kids read simple things every day, they would get into that habit of becoming aware of words in their surroundings. This would make their senses keen and it would also develop their sense of focus.

5. Praise you kid when they learn new vocabularies.

Kids love appreciation and they work harder with good commendations. The moment you acknowledge how proud you are of what they have learned from baby reading, the more effort they would put to get you to notice them even more.

6. Avoid comparisons.

Never ever let your kids feel that they are weaker compared to other kids. Stay proud of them even when early reading doesn’t seem to work well for you. The moment criticism starts, the more it would discourage your child to pursue with baby reading. Also the more you would also get stressed. So despite your child’s weakness, encourage them and tell them they are good at it but they can do better with your suggestions. These would make them feel loved and supported and would motivate them to do better.

7. Never miss reading time.

Yes we understand, everybody is busy, and setting a schedule to promote early reading on our kids is a hassle to our working schedules. But tip on you dear parents, never miss and never mess up the baby reading schedule you’ve started with. The moment you quit on it, your kid would surely think that it is okay not to read. Remember, as parents we are models. And we have great responsibilities as models. So no matter how busy our schedules are, we have to make it a point to read with our kids consistently.