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How to Teach Your Child to Read?

Teaching your child to read has lots of benefits in your child’s life. Early reading helps your child in his or her academic and social life. And what more joy can a parent have than seeing his or her child become successful in every aspect of his/her life? So it is so important to teach your child to read at an early age.

My Baby Can Read

“My Baby Can Read” has 209 Lessons

Step 1: First Words – 127 Lessons

Step 2: Couplets – 28 Lessons

Step 3: Phrases – 27 Lessons

Step 4: Sentences – 27 Lessons

Each video lesson is repeated in 3 sessions. All the videos are really short. They are intended for very young audiences’ short attention span.

You can also click the words to hear the audio in each lesson.

These series of lessons are inspired by the concept of whole language reading. Babies and toddlers are exposed to a series of words starting from basic vocabulary, to two-words, to phrases, and sentences.

Each vocabulary is represented by a picture to enhance vocabulary building. Babies and toddlers will surely love the pictures as they learn to read by sight. Babies and toddlers will begin to learn to read as they progress from basic words – two words – phrases – sentences. This is a step by step series in building their reading skills. Later on, they will start to be independent readers like you, parents, exposed them to lots of words.

Reading to your kids will expand their imagination. The number one rule of thumb is to always make reading fun. Don’t stress your kids if they don’t want to read. Keep the reading time very short. The goal is to expose them to as much information as you can give them. But always make it short so that they will ask for more. Keep the interest and enthusiasm high.

Kids are gifts, so we must cherish them and ensure they get the best of everything including early learning education. The best way to ensure that kids make the most of their lives is by starting reading with them at a very young age.

Early reading opens many opportunities for kids. The sooner kids learn how to read, the more knowledge, ideas, and books they will be exposed to. And what is the result of early learning? Improved linguistic skill in the form of better writing, richer vocabulary, better spelling, correct grammar, and more articulate oral communication.

All parents want the best for their children, teaching them to read at an early age is the best way to do that.

Phonics Reading Lessons

One of the building blocks of reading is phonics. Phonics Reading Lessons has 131 lessons. Each lesson is presented with a video. Let your kids watch the video a few times a day, so they can absorb the lesson with less effort. Audio files with pictures are also provided for interactive learning. They can click the words and sentences to hear the pronunciation. Your kids are like a sponge that they can soak information fast. Repetition is key.

Sight Words Reading Lessons

Sight Words Reading Lessons has 42 lessons which focus on the most-commonly used sights words. Each lesson has a video with 3 sessions. It has pictures with sample sentences. Kids can also click the words and sentences to hear the pronunciation.

Free and Original Stories for Children Ages 3 to 5

You can read to your child or assist him or her to be an independent reader. Each children’s story is purposely designed for children ages 3 to 5. It has about 50-70 words per story.

Every child learns to read in different ways and at his or her own speed. Though these children’s stories are intended for ages 3-5, children up to 7 years old can also benefit from these stories. You can help your child improve and become a more confident reader by encouraging him or her to read.